Success is defined in so many different ways, it's more of a matter of perspective really.

My name is Alex (no one calls me that) and I was miserable working a job I really didn't give a shit about, so I quit and started this project to find people pursuing their passions over stability and tradition.  Enter: Dillon, a beautiful documentary film maker (and an even more beautiful human) who was tired of trying to fill time between projects and wanted to stretch his legs on the road.

With his skills and my....well my whatever, we present the You Do You project.  It's a little web series, a little podcast, a little humor and a lot of heart where we talk to entrepreneurs, community staples or just people who want to make a difference around them but most importantly these people are your neighbors.  We want to find out what makes them tick, when they realized they needed to go down the path they're on not to mention the struggles and hurdles they've encountered in that process.

So take a second and check out what we're doing, and if you have someone or something you think needs attention shoot us a line because we're always looking for the next thing.