Pilot: Us Do Us

This is an introduction, a summary if you will, of everything we want and hope to do with the show. Learn about Dillon and Bostic, the show and get an idea of what to expect from everything we're doing.

Episode 1: Drew & The Farm 


What happens when you leave your corporate lifestyle to go live in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin and try your hand at an agricultural movement? That is exactly why we wanted to talk to Drew. After working through a plethora of retail jobs and climbing corporate ladders, Drew decided to leave it all behind. We spent a week with him working the land and learning more about the regenerative agriculture movement, as well as finding out more about what brought Drew to the farm life.  

Episode 2 : Urvashi & Kama - Erotica For All 



A bit different from life on the farm, but dedication and commitment to forging their own path is strong with Urvashi and Kama of Spark Erotic.  These two have dedicated their time and energy to their vision of bridging the gap between the erotic world and Hollywood.  We were lucky enough to sit down with the entire Spark Erotic film family and get their opinions on societal norms on sex and relationships, they painted quite the picture for us. 


Erotic Reflections

We have a little sit down and discuss how hanging out with the Spark Erotic family has impacted us. Anywhere from our views on typical relationships, monogamy, pornography in general...and of course big sausage pizzas

Episode 3 : Natalie The Sugar Mama


In episode three, we follow around Natalie Slevin the owner of Sugar Bakeshop in Denver Colorado. We a learn a little bit about the inner workings of a bakeshop that require waking up WAY earlier than either of us are comfortable with. Creating something from nothing is at the center of the entrepreneurial idea, and Natalie is an exemplary example of that.


Sugar Mama Reflections

Dillon and Alex reflect on their experiences with Natalie and the staff at Sugar Bakeshop.

Episode 4: Merida B- Tie Me Up Tie Me Down


In episode four, we trek through the massive territory known as Texas to meet up with a woman whose hustle knows no bounds.  Merida has been making custom (and we mean custom) bow ties for over 6 years and isn't showing any signs of stopping or slowing down.  We spend a few days in Austin Texas with her family, community and DIY spirit to complete our first season. 


Bow Tie Reflections

Dillon and Alex sit down to reflect on their experiences in Austin Texas with Merida and her bow tie empire.  There's some hints to some bonus material, a season two and a final wrap up episode at the beginning of November.